Q: How do we send documents if you do not come to our office?
A: Information from a client can be received by email (as a pdf, zipped or scanned document), uploaded through Dropbox, posted by Australia Post or similar, couriered or personally delivered. It can be returned the same way.

Q: How can we contact you to discuss things?
A: You can phone, text or email us, alternatively we can come to your place of business.

Q:What are your terms?
A: We charge an hourly rate. We invoice monthly and require payment within 7 days. We can invoice weekly or per visit if you would prefer.

Q: Can you prepare our BAS?
A: Yes, As Registered BAS Agents, we can prepare and lodge your BAS or IAS.

Q: Can you prepare our Tax Return?
A: Yes, As Registered Tax Agents, we can prepare and lodge your Tax Returns. We can also liaise with the ATO on your behalf

Q: How do we pay?
A: We accept cash or Electronic Funds Transfers.

Q: Can you do large one off jobs as well as ongoing work?
A: Yes. We are able to do as much or as little as you need.

Q: Do you only do bookkeeping or can you do other office work as well?
A: Yes, we can do other work using the Microsoft suite of programs.

Q: What accounting programs do you use?
A: All MYOB accounting programs, all QuickBooks accounting programs, XERO.

Q: Can you teach our staff to use our software so we can do our own work?
A: Yes. We are able to teach and will then support with additional assistance on the phone or by email until your staff member becomes proficient.